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Historical lien filed against America and its People

February 14, 2012


Ø     Simultaneous Professional Worldwide Release: 250,000+/- American & International PRESS/MEDIA Outlets

RELEASE DATE:   14 Feb.  2012

12 Feb  12                                                                                                   [SEE: DOC1 , DOC2]

©Louis IV of Manley, B.A.                                                                                 _______________

Member: U.P. Press Corp, Global Information Network,

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USA – ROCKVILLE, Maryland.

Upon verifying authenticity;   these  documents  presumably evidence, what could be considered   “human trafficking”,  real estate/land  “trafficking”  theft by private global entities;  valued in July/Aug 2011 at uS $ 14.3 QUADRILLION, according to the 5 page,  globalists U.C.C. filings in Maryland seen here:; Md.,  BofA (11USC),  AG LIEN, 1101 WOOTON PKW ,ROCKVILLE,MD.

Apparently, agent(s) have created and filed, what could be historic documents beyond belief!  If merely routine, it would be without merit for alarm. What is the actual intent of these documents? It does not appear benevolent, quite the contrary. Why are the precise choice of unique words and punctuation  used and  the precise placement thereof? Are these filings evidence of treasonous acts?

“…fixture filing…Description of real estate: [-As all real-men with hands and legs, and all real-land in the United States of America – 14,000,000,000,000,000.- – WITH TRUST IN GOD, [what one?]  this real-estate is with the –PUBLIC-]”   UCC Financing Statement Addendum (Form UCC 1 Ad), Sec. 13, 14.

  • “…THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM… [With] THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE  14,300,000,000,000,000.- [14,300,000,000,000,000.-] 300,000,000,000,000.-“ Sec. 9, 10.
  • “…Additional collateral description: -OUT OF MANY (all 50 states, all cities, counties-properties)ONE-real estate in – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-, this … EVERTON DEOLIVERIA ROCHA, -be as –extracted, with-prejudice, in-to the United States of America, State of California on this 15th day of July, 2011.- [A SECURITY (15USC)—COMMERCIAL AFFIDAVIT—NOT A POINT OF LAW].  Check only if applicable [checked] Trustee acting with respect to property held in trust… Check only if applicable and check only one box. [Checked] filed in connection with a Public-Finance Transaction – effective 30 years.”  Sec. 16, 17, 18.
  • “…Comptroller of Maryland,  …MAILING ADDRESS:  B of A (11USC), …ROCKVILLE, MD…[14,300,000,000,000.-] AGRICULTURAL  LIEN: 1101 WOOTON PARKWAY ROCKVILLE,MD 20852 USA,  … Recordings as Deed of Trust in the Real-estate records: INITIAL FINANCING STATEMENT FILE #0000000181425776. UCC AMENDMENT (FORM UCC3), Sec. 7, 7c, 8, 10., 2011 AUG 12 A 10:26., / Date: 08-12-2011 10:25 AM, Work Order: 0003846966,  pd., $300.00.
  • “…This FINANCING STATEMENT covers the following collateral: 1D00247556,Seal No.285521.,6Z33753691, Seal No.285522., 6D00242066, Seal No. 285523., FV26330-2, Seal No.285524. UCC FINANCING STATEMENT (FORM UCC1), RECEIVED 2011 JUL 28 A 11:01., 11:25AM AMT. PAID: $198.00., B. SEND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO:  [U.S.A. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, U.S.A. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY] ATT: CLERK, HALL OF JUSTICE-C1110714-1 4347046, 191 NORTH-FIRST STREET, SAN JOSE CA 95113-1006.

­­­­­­HOWEVER, an apparent named co-conspirator includes but not limited to, the PRIVATE and international FED. Other named entities include, B of A [presumably Bank of America], DHS., PENTAGON, INTERNAL    RE-VENUE SERVICE, MARYLAND STATE DEPARTMENT OF ASSESSMENTS/COMPTROLLER, NORTH AMERICAN WATER AND POWER ALLIANCE, THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY 1789, THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES, and named Trustee: EVERTON DEOLIVEIRA ROCHA, are, generally considered substantial  entities .

THEREFORE, are these evidences of righteous endeavors which are not so obvious; or rather, of a more sinister matter? Could this be documented evidence of  massive co-conspirators, traitors, beyond R.I.C.O., and/or out right TREASONIOUS Acts?  Is it possible that the Securitization and collateralizing of the ‘Note’ be what it appears, an intent and form of  “Human Trafficking” in “all real -men with hands and legs”, …  and additional “Asset Trafficking” in other so-called  “all real- estate and …  all real- land in America.” It may be considered advisable, if you want to make sure you have control of these potentially historic documents, download/store to hard drive, for future access, it may be deleted unexpectedly.

How will this affect all American men with hands and legs, and all American women, and all real estate, and all land? However, in light of the above, how will it affect the following transactions? The‘Free & Clear’ Title, or Tribal Sovereign Nation  (Title),  or  Title in  Allodia,  or Freehold, or  Title held in any Trust, or Mortgaged Title, or Securitized Mortgage Title,  or Securitized Deed of Trust, or Fraudulently Foreclosed & Conveyed Title,  or Title Fraudulently Clouded  at  so-called  “bank loan” closing/signing  of typical  Financed Mortgage (“Fraud vitiates Consent,” says Vincent Bugliosi ),  or unlawfully conveyed/assigned & transferred  title(s) without standing, or others similarly situated, and as well, the  U.S. Protectorates &Territories, here in 2012?

For more information on the Victims, Special Escrow Fund, you may email us here:


Cc: U.S. President, Mr.  B. H. Obama, White House, et al., Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, et al., AARP/National Mortgage Fraud Div., et al.,,,,, American Sheriffs Association,,   Article V Group/,,,,,, Disabled American Veterans,,  Florida/Gov./AG-No:08-9996-Cl-07/Pinnellas Co/Florida/AG Investigations, et al.,,, Global Information Network,,,, International Court of Record,,,, Jack Mc Lamb,  National Association of Attorneys General, et al., National Ham Radio Operators, National Insurance Assoc., National Association of Realtors,OATHKEEPERS.ORG,,,,,,,,,, Sheriff Mack, the “Dragon Family”-Benjamin Fullford,,,,,,,

.  Foreign Embassies in America: Canadian, Chinese, German, Greek, Irish, Russian, Saudi Arabian, Swiss, United Kingdom.

Common Law©2012 by Louis IV of Manley, All Worldwide Rights Reserved, and Rights/Ownership Assigned & Transferred to Trust.  (Permission granted to publish this, in its entirety, with credits).

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